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Bear Tracker

The bear tracker gives you a visual indicator of the current environment

No Bear Signs in Sights

The bear trackers tries to make sense of the various indicators that can give us insight into where we are or the potential emergence of trouble. The indicators are boiled down into a simple scale and are listed below.



No Bear Signs

Watch Out!

Indicators Used in the Calculation include: RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastics, Volume Fractal, Moving Averages, and Many More.

GDP vs. CPI Quadrants


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Estimated: 2.00%


Consumer Price Index

Estimated: 6.50%


Current Fractal Quadrant

Estimated: 4-1

Quadrant Fractals that start with “4“ are concerning because this indicates a drop in GDP as well as a drop in CPI. When we get to “4-4” then the Bears are all around; nothing good happens in this Quadrant Fractal.

A bear tracker is a fun way to think about market condition from both the technical as well as the macro level. Anything above 50% is trouble and we should be cautious about entering the market. However, at the bottom of a cycle, the tracker will still point to trouble and we might miss an opportunity.

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